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2011-02-15 18:32:00
Random Acts of Kindness

Today we have a story to tell that isn’t about real estate. It isn’t about financing, the economy or any other story you’ll hear on the news. It’s about the kindnesses still shown by people in times of trouble and how wonderful our neighbors are to us.

Claudio Batarce, one of our real estate brokers in our office, was heading out to take photos of a home for which he was preparing a market analysis. While driving back to the office on Minter Bridge Road in Hillsboro, Claudio encountered a dog that leaped out in front of his car. In an effort to not hit the dog, Claudio and his car ended up in a ditch. Shaken but luckily not hurt, he began to assess his situation. He called a friend. The friend wasn’t answering.

This could be where the story stops, that Claudio called a tow truck and got himself out of the ditch along with his car. But, this story doesn’t happen that way. Quickly a woman stopped, offering her husband’s service as a tow truck driver but that would have to wait until after five in the afternoon and that wasn’t the best solution. The woman who stopped also checked on Claudio to see if he was okay and if he needed to use her cell phone.

A few moments later another woman stopped. She called her husband who called a friend and they came immediately in a large truck and helped him tow his car out of the ditch. She also asked if he was okay and if he needed to use a cell phone. While waiting the few moments for the men to arrive with the truck, another woman stopped to ask if he needed help, medical assistance or a cell phone.

Claudio returned to the office safely. We were grateful as we care for him greatly and were shocked to hear his story. It’s never easy to hear a friend has landed his car in the ditch and our first thoughts went to his health. But, that’s not what he was thinking about. He was thinking about the kindnesses shown to him this day from so many individuals. Your neighbors, our neighbors; helping someone in need.

The real miracle that occurred is that Claudio was only on the side of the road for fifteen minutes. A total of five people came to his aid in that time. He experienced random acts of kindness every three minutes on average during his time of need. His sadness is that he didn’t get the people’s names that assisted him this day.

The reason this is posting here today is to thank the people who helped Claudio today on Minter Bridge Road. And to those of you who did other random acts of kindness throughout the day, we thank you as well. To all of you who make life a little better for those around you, our sincere thanks and a promise to learn by your example and hopefully be able to do some of our own kindnesses.

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